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Superior Martial Art Equipment

Hickory Bo Staff Custom Length

Hickory Bo Staff Custom Length


Hickory Bo Staff Custom Length By White Wolf


Made and shipped  from the U.S.A.


Superior Quality 58 in - 72 in. Appalachian Hickory Bo Staff


These smooth-sanded hickory Bo staffs are made from tough, air-dried Appalachian hickory. There might be a slight bow in the staff due to humidity, but this does not effect their Strength or usability. They are more shock resistant than most wood available, Not only is it better mechanically, it is also collected from well managed domestic forests and not stripped from endangered tropical or rain-forest environments. The same cannot be said for other species, including Japanese and Asian white oaks, red oaks, ebony and many others. 


The quality grade of our Appalachian hickory Bo staffs are lighter, ivory colored wood with some color variations. Some are all white, sometimes all red and sometimes a combination of the two. These Bo staffs are strong and serviceable and not excessively heavy. These are a very good choice for martial artists seeking speed and maneuverability in paired practice or combat. The grain of these hickory Bo staff's gives it a superb tactile smoothness; which would be a good choice as a gift for a high level practitioner or for a martial artists seeking top quality.


Appalachian Hickory Bo Staff Strength


The hickory Bo staff's shock strength exceeds all native and exotic species including the commonly used Japanese white oak. White oak becomes brittle as it ages, our hickory staffs retains its exceptional strength indefinitely. Over time, with normal practice with these weapons, will create an extremely tough tempered surface with an optimal combination of hardness and ductility. Even after years of heavy use, it is a lot less likely to snap into dangerous pieces; like other harder and more brittle woods including white oak, ebony, rosewood, purple-heart, lignum vitae, ipe, and many others.


The Appalachian Hickory Bo Staff Will Temper Itself


With its tremendous shock strength, it is better not to bash your new Bo staff recklessly, but to temper the wood through everyday use and let the surface run in evenly. It will gradually increase its impact energy. If used with reasonable care, the surface will attain a very hard state, while the core will retain ductility.


The Appalachian hickory Bo staff when compared with a sword, it has some very distinct advantages that make up for its simple shape and lack of a cutting edge. A Bo staff can be unexpectedly wielded from either end or any point in between unlike a sword. It also has a lot more reach than a sword. There were many weapons that arose as a defense against the sword, some very effectively, the Bo staff is most notable and is used in many disciplines of martial arts. The bo staff is inconspicuous and, owing to their magnificence and simplicity, are preferred by some martial artists above all other weapons.


SPECS: Hardwood Hickory Straight Bo Staff


Handle Diameter and Length:  1- 18 in. or 1 in. diameter Hardwood Hickory 58 in. to 72 in. length


Hardwood Hickory Mechanical Properties 


Hardwood Hickory – Weapons-grade is very hard to come by. It is the best in terms of a combination of high bending strength, stiffness, hardness, and resistance to shock. Most important, it resists suddenly applied loads very well. It is an excellent hardwood, it has the best combinations of qualities of any hardwood wood available.  


Bending Strength – 18,764 psi
Maximum Crushing Strength – 9210 psi
Shearing Strength – 1215 psi
Static Bending – 7840 psi
Work to Maximum Load – 19-20 in-lbs./in3
Janka Hardness Scale – 1820-2460

Weight Varies

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