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Nunchaku Training Levels 1-3 

White Wolf Sticks

        White Wolf Nunchaku Video Training

  These 22 instruction video's (real time speed and super slow motion). are all installed on a 32 G thumb drive. Also included in this package is one pair of Appalachian Hickory Nunchaku with four strand round braided paracord with swivels.

  White Wolf with 40 years experience teaching and using Nunchaku's, offers a whole new video tutorial: “White Wolf Nunchaku Video Training” – For Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students. The training video's have full speed movements and the same movements in slow motion to help the student to master the Nunchaku.


You will not become a master of Nunchaku in three days; however, you will learn that the Nunchaku is a true sporting tool and its use is truly an art in and of itself.


  By observing and practicing, you can learn to use the Nunchaku properly and safely. You will find this skill will improve your hand-eye coordination, will give you a better sense of timing, it will sharpen your reflexes, and help you sharpen whole-body coordination.


  As with any athletic tool, learning to use the Nunchaku requires patience, consistency, and above all, diligent practice. No one can master a skill like this in a week, month or even a year, but if you follow these instructions carefully and do not try to speed things up, you can succeed. If you are willing to invest the time and the patience, these video's will teach you to use the Nunchaku effectively.

In White Wolf's early years he trained every day every moment that he got the chance. With lots of practice and a lot of knocks and bumps he mastered the Nunchaku's. It took White Wolf a couple of years to get pretty good at using the techniques; but has taken him decades to Master the art of Nunchaku's.


  Though Observation and Persistent Personal Practice White Wolf mastered the art of Nunchaku. The student should observe the movements very carefully. One video at a time over and over to understand the hand positioning, finger movements, wrist motion, shifts in arms, legs and the whole body. Once the student feels confident in how the technique is performed then they should practice that movement until they get it right; then they can move to the next one. When the student has done this process for every movement and they have dedicated the techniques to memory then they can truly start their Persistent Personal Practice to master the art of Nunchaku.

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