Long Haulers COVID-19
Formula For Physical Wholeness

The worlds Scientist, Doctors and Independent Researchers are working to find answers to post-COVID-19 syndrome or "long COVID-19. These scientist, doctors and independent researchers are discovering that the vast array of symptoms which people are dealing with every day; are very complex. They are perplexed and finding it very difficult to pinpoint a solution which might assist these people with their tremendous suffering and help them to recover. We have done extensive research into providing the body with the important elements and nutrients to possibly lessen the impact of the array of symptoms of long COVID-19 which many people are experiencing. We want to assist these people in alleviating some or all of the incapacitating physical and mental symptoms that are now seemingly controlling their lives. During our search for answers into helping those people who are suffering with "long COVID-19”. We discovered that people with poor eating habits, nutritional deficiencies and lack of a physical exercise routine; were suffering more long COVID-19 long term symptoms at greater intensity. We are a group of Independent Researcher's that have been assisting suffers of "long COVID-19” with information on nutritional supplementation, mental and physical exercises that has provided some relief to many suffering these physical symptoms. This information and nutritional supplements have assisted people with pain elimination and has greatly improved their body motor function.

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            Long Haulers COVID-19

Formula For Physical Wholeness                              



  It all started late in December of 2019. My husband and I were reading the world news on our smart phones, like we do every day. While we both were reading, my husband said he wanted to tell me something very important that he was reading. That is when he told me about the outbreak of a virus in Wuhan China, which is known as COVID-19. After he read the story to me he sat back in his chair and was silent for a few moments. Then with a very serious look on his face he broke the silence and said to me that: “this virus is going to become a worldwide outbreak”; and he was right. We did not know what to think or do as we watched the world grapple with this pandemic.

  We were a little scared, and were taking all precautions that we could to avoid contracting this virus; as I am sure, the whole world was doing the same. With all of the precautions, hand sanitizer and staying away from people as much as possible, we ended up contracted the virus one day after our birthday July 1st 2020.


  It was terribly bad for me, I had all the signs and symptoms, stomach pain 10 times worse than any food poisoning that I ever had. I had headache, nausea, dizziness, could not sleep, extreme fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, and could not even go to the bathroom without my husband holding me up every step of the way. These symptoms lasted about four days then they were gone. I was so relieved and felt bad for all the people dying and going through this terrible thing.

Like everyone else in the world we continued to follow the guidelines and taking precautions as we watched the COVID-19 pandemic Unfold.

  At the end of July I felt some nagging pain in my shoulder. I was thinking that I tore a Rotator Cuff in my right shoulder, I chalked it up to the painting I had be doing a day prior. The pain persisted for a few days and then moved to my left shoulder, at that point I definitely knew something was seriously wrong. I thought to myself I don't deserve to suffer this much pain; and then the night came, with agonizing pain in my legs and horrible pain in my knees. I had no idea what was going on, and had to wake up my husband to comfort me. These agonizing symptoms persisted for many days, it was such an ordeal that both my husband and I were scared and so exhausted that we did not even know what day it was.

  Just when we thought it could not get any worse; Next up, was my thigh swelled up five times it's normal size. Then swelling moved to my ankles. My whole body never felt like this before, I was confused, dizzy, had brain fog and was loosing my muscle mass in my arms, legs and throughout my whole body. Then one day all of a sudden it went away. I thought it was gone, “Nope”. 2 weeks later Everything Flared up Again. Here I am in my forties and I felt like a disabled 90 year old person. These symptoms came back every two to three weeks for about a year, we called them bouts.

  During this whole process of pain and agony my husband was persistently researching, trying to figure out what was happening to me. We were frantically looking up every disease ,virus and disorder on the internet, There were many disorders where the symptoms seemed to match but not all together, after exhausting ourselves with so much information; we knew then what I had, was the long haulers Covid-19.


  With the research my husband was doing he came to understand that part of my problem was protein deficiency. So, he started having me take three protein shakes a day, Morning, Noon, and Night. I immediately started to feel much better day by day. While I followed my husbands "Formula For Physical Wholeness", the pain was not there.

  I know if it was not for my husbands “Love” for me and his persistence in finding the answers to my physical issues. I would have been bed ridden or may even have died. I feel great now and I am able to work with my husband doing what we Love and that is helping people to find their “Physical Wholeness”.