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White Wolf Hickory Octagon Kama

White Wolf Hickory Octagon Kama

SKU: HK1-14

1 - Pair Hickory Octagon Handle Kama


The Appalachian Hickory Kama's, are Martial Arts practice weapons that are handcrafted and modeled after the traditonal Kama's.
They have been sanded and oiled to a fine finish.


These Kama's are weapon grade Appalachian hickory the hard wood is very flexible with superior shock strength and can be used to the impact level of light combat training. 


Appalachian Hickory  Kama's 



Combat practice - light to moderate 

Wood Type:
Appalachian Hickory 

Weight. - (1 lb) 

Overall Handle Length (16 in.) 

Blade Length (7 in.) 

Blade and Handle Type: Hardwood Hickory 


Using the Kama's


The Kama is usually wielded in a matched pair, one in each hand. The Kama is held with the hand near the bottom of the handle and the blade facing outward. The sharp edge of the Kama's blade is on the inside of the curve, so generally a cutting strike is executed by moving the blade past one's target and pulling inward. This allows the wielder to entrap the opponent with one Kama, using the other to deal a finishing blow or to ward off counter-attacks (although holding the opponent's weapon is often a means of preventing attack at all).  


Blocking and parrying with a Kama can be accomplished either by using the inside of the curved blade to trap incoming strikes, or simply by using the outside of the blade to ward away strikes. This second method is faster and simpler to execute.


Hardwood Hickory Mechanical Properties  


Hardwood Hickory – Weapons-grade is very hard to come by. It is the best in terms of a combination of high bending strength, stiffness, hardness, and resistance to shock. Most important, it resists suddenly applied loads very well. It is an excellent hardwood, it has the best combinations of qualities of any hardwood wood available.   


Bending Strength – 18,764 psi 

Maximum Crushing Strength – 9210 psi

Shearing Strength – 1215 psi 

Static Bending – 7840 psi 

Work to Maximum Load – 19-20 in-lbs./in.
Janka Hardness Scale – 1820-2460 
Weight Varies