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Bokuto (Bokken) Appalachian Hickory 40 in. By White Wolf

Bokuto (Bokken) Appalachian Hickory 40 in. By White Wolf

Bokutō – Appalachian Hickory 40 in. Length By White Wolf


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Superior Quality Appalachian Hickory Bokutō


These extreme smooth-sanded hickory Bokutō are made from very strong and flexible Appalachian hickory. They have a shock resistance far superior to most hard woods, it is also conditionally excellent, and collected from well managed domestic forests and not taken from the fragile tropical or rain-forest environments. There are other hard wood species, that are taken from already depleted environments.


The quality of our Appalachian hickory Bokutō are a light, to dark colored wood with many color variations. Some are straw colored, some are a brownish red and there a some that have a mixed combination of the two colors. Our Appalachian Hickory Bokutō are strong and very usable and not too heavy. We think that these staff's are a great choice for martial artists that are looking for speed and ease of use in paired practice or combat. The wood grain of these Appalachian Hickory Bokutō gives them superior external smoothness; which are great for a practitioner or the martial art master needing to yield the best quality.


Appalachian Hickory Bokutō Strength


The Appalachian Hickory Bokutō's shock strength far exceeds most all native and exotic hardwood species including the commonly used red or white oak; which becomes brittle as it ages, our hickory staffs has exceptional strength and will maintain its strength and flexibility indefinitely. With normal practice these weapons, gets better tougher over time they become tempered. Our staff's even after years of heavy use, will be less likely to snap splinter into dangerous pieces; unlike other harder and more brittle woods.


Bokutō Specs: Handcrafted from Hardwood Appalachian Hickory


Over All Length: 40 in.


Handle Diameter and Length: 1-1/2 in. x 1 in. Diameter Hardwood Hickory 11 in. Length


Blade: Curved 1-1/2 in. x 1 in. Length 29 in.


Finish: Hand Oiled


Optional Accessory: Tsuba: Genuine Leather 4 in. x 3 1/2 in. x 1/2 in. (Handcrafted)




Bokutō - (bokken) is a Japanese wooden sword used for training in Kenjutsu. It is usually the size and shape of a katana which is a modern term of Samurai sword.

Bokutō is traditionally composed of hard wood. In comparison, practice swords made of flexible, soft wood such as bamboo are referred to as a Shinai.


It is not very easy to determine precisely when the first Bokutō appeared due to secrecy of ancient martial arts training. There were various weapons used during the earlier periods of Japanese history, Bokutō in its more modern form was used for the training of samurai warriors in the various ryūs (schools of martial arts and swordsmanship) of that era. If a malleable steel Katana was repeatedly used, it became nicked and the edges flawed, eventually leading to a broken expensive sword. The Bokutō is much safer than fighting with real swords, and are considerably more durable; a wielder can make contact with other practitioners swords with little or no thought of damage to the weapon.


While Bokutō's are safer for sparring and practice than Katanas, they are still lethal weapons in the hands of a trained user.


Bokutō Usage


The Bokutō is used as a relatively inexpensive and safe substitute for a real sword in several martial arts such as aikido, kendo, iaido, kenjutsu, jodo and others. The simple hardwood construction demands less care and maintenance than a katana. By training with a Bokutō the mortal risk is much lower, when associated with that of a sharp metal sword; for both the user and other practitioners nearby. While the use of a Bokutō has several advantages over use of a live edged weapon, it can still be deadly, and any training with a Bokutō should be done with due care.


Injuries that can occur from the use of a Bokutō are quite similar to those caused by battering weapons like clubs and staff's these include compound fractures, ruptured organs, and other such blunt force injuries. In many ways, a Bokutō can be even more dangerous, because the injuries caused are often unseen and inexperienced practitioners may underestimate the risk of harm. A Bokutō is not a sparring weapon, but is intended to be used in kata to acclimate the student to the feel of a real sword. For sparring, a bamboo shinai is typically used instead for obvious safety reasons.


Types of Bokutō


Daitō – (Katana-size 40 in. Length), Long Sword

Shoto - (36 in. Length), Short Sword

Wakizashi – (28 in. Length) Short Sword

Tantō - (8 ½ in. Length), Knife


Hardwood Hickory Mechanical Properties


Hardwood Hickory – Weapons-grade is very hard to come by. It is the best in terms of a combination of high bending strength, stiffness, hardness, and resistance to shock. Most important, it resists suddenly applied loads very well. It is an excellent hardwood, it has the best combinations of qualities of any hardwood wood available.


Bending Strength – 18,764 psi

Maximum Crushing Strength – 9210 psi

Shearing Strength – 1215 psi

Static Bending – 7840 psi

Work to Maximum Load – 19-20 in-lbs./in3

Janka Hardness Scale – 1820-2460

Weight Varies

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