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Superior Martial Art Equipment

Body Conditioning Baton By White Wolf

Body Conditioning Baton By White Wolf


Hickory Body Conditioning Baton By White Wolf


Made and shipped  from the U.S.A.


Superior Quality 1-1/8 in. or 1 in. Diameter 24 in. Length Appalachian Hickory Body

Conditioning Baton


These smooth-sanded hickory Body Conditioning Baton's are made from tough, air-dried Appalachian hickory. They are more shock resistant than most wood available, Not only is it better mechanically, it is also collected from well managed domestic forests and not stripped from endangered tropical or rain-forest environments. 


Body Conditioning Baton


Is the average martial artist prepared for REAL contact? 


Whether it be on the tournament floor or on the street, practitioners must be prepared for contact just about anywhere on their body. If they are not, even those incidental bangs can be damaging. 


Many martial arts programs have toughening or "conditioning" exercises as a regular part of their training program. Pounding fists, legs, feet, hands and forearms against trees, boards, concrete walls, etc., as well as each other, are part of some martial arts toughening programs. The body conditioning baton allows you to take conditioning into your own hands. Condition yourself at your own pace, on your own time. At first you start out tapping fists, glutes, legs, feet, hands biceps, forearms, back, and abs. As time goes on increase the force of your strikes to these parts of the body including the bones and joints. This process has been practiced by White Wolf for 30 years. This technique has assisted in toning and strengthening muscle, skin, and  bones. This training is also good for nerve response and blood circulation. 


Developed by White Wolf, the body conditioning hickory baton is also ideal for contact sport athletes who want to build their endurance.  From MMA to soccer, rugby, or any other contact sport the body conditioning baton can help you condition the areas where you get hit the most.

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